Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The trail from space shuttle discovery taken from our back yard.

I had them both laughing it was pretty funny.

All smiles

How I found Burton taking a nap the other day.

Burton at dinner after NOT taking a nap.

Hollin in her prison stripes.

Burton's new tricycle that Mimi and Papa got them. We like it because it has a parent push bar, so Burton doesn't have to pedal and it make him feel more like a normal big boy.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Boy did we have a rough morning. I put Hollin in her swing to give Burton his medicine and feed him breakfast and she was fine for a while. She started getting fussing but would then settled down, Burton would hit me then point at her when she cried because he wanted me to get her. When she cries Burton doesn't eat because it upsets him, he does understand. I got her and put her on the couch with Burton to finish eating, she was happy. Then all HELL broke lose.... she starting screaming, Burton started crying and I tried to hold both of them to settle them down but I think this went on for about 15 min. Sesame Street then came on and they both stopped and watched TV. If I only knew.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A little brotherly love.

I little pb & j and cheetos any one ???

This was hard to get a good picture of but Hollin had a cute curly mohawk working that day.

The Strawberry Festival and making jam.

A few of Hollin's napping spots, she likes and sleeps the best in her swing:)