Sunday, May 30, 2010

Our little helper.

Enjoying the beautiful weather this weekend.

Helping Mimi make apple pie.


Hollin and Dodger

We were dog sitting for Keith over the weekend and this is Hollin (with Wayne's help) and Dodger playing.

Hollin climbing up on Burton

She loves to climb up on who ever is sitting in the chair.
Hollin's first pig tails.

Watchin' a little Sesame Street together.
I found the hose.
Testing the water,


Hangin' out with Mimi.

Burton's new hand splints. He's suppose to wear them at night but we're starting by wearing them while watching Sesame Street to get used to them.

Burton standing and swinging part 1

He loves it.

Burton standing and swinging part 2

His new therapy trick.

Hollin riding the pony.

Hollin at Gymboree

Hollin wearing her first Mariner's outfit. Daddy likes.

Catching a little ZZZZZZ's

Even thou Burton is a Red Sox fan he worn some Mariner's gear for daddy.

Get her away from me.

The USO Sesame Street show on Fort Belvoir.

Hollin talking to Elmo.