Thursday, December 30, 2010


After Santa came....

Opening up stockings

Hollin handing out gifts.

Hollin on her new scooter with her helmet.

Her kitchen she got from Mimi & Papa.

Burton's new bigger pony he got from Santa.

The kids in there Christmas shirts

Burton at Aqua therapy part 1

Burton at Aqua therapy part 2

Hollin talking about eggs

This is what Hollin would say after our trip to Tenn. everytime someone said "eggs". Mimi and Papa have chickens at there house.

Where do eggs come from? Hollin "Papa"

Where does Papa get the eggs? Hollin "chickens"

What does the chicken say? Hollin "bak"

The BIG slide in Tenn


Helping with the apple pie.
That's my girl, eating olives off her finger like her mama use to do.

Checking out the kitchen.

Tired boy after eating.

The kids playing Wii

Our Tenn. Trip

Playing in Mimi & Papa's trail wagon. Burton loved it once we put his car seat in.

Meagan taking Hollin out for a little spin around the house.

Hollin and Ryder playing on the bed.

Playing at this really cool park that has very long slides.

Meagan helping Hollin down the hill.

Burton helping Papa drive the tractor.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Sesame Street Live

Abby Caddaby came by and Burton high fived her.(this is the boy in front of us)
We were in the 4th row this year, not bad.

Misc. of Hollin

My little artist.

Starting to potty train.

Her first full pony tail.

Getting her started early on cleaning.

She likes the Mariners like her daddy.

Helping make cookies. Love the outfit, apron with snow boot.


Burton's birthday

My boy turned 6 this year, where does the time go. We had a Super Grover party in Tenn. at Mimi and Papa's house.

I found this and it was perfect to use in his wheelchair so I had to get it for my boy.