Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Our summer trip to Tenn

painting with mimi
Hollin at the park with Ryder, her little buddy
everyone on the slide, Ryder, Hollin, Meagan and Papa
checking out the strawberry patch at Mimi's
running naked catching butterflieslearning to drive the tractor with papa
the touch tank
this 1 kept diving in right in front of Burton, he was getting his own show
checking out the crab
playing in the man made streams

Burton's favorite, riding in the trail wagon

Monday, September 5, 2011


Watching a little TV in Burton's room.
Potty training, round 1: tried for a week with no luck. Will try again at a later date.
Lovin' on Lola
Hollin loves pulling Burton in the wagon.

Tired girl
Handsome boy in his Boston Red Sox tie shirt I made him.
Potty training, round 2: naked all the time. Makes for interesting outfits (so to speak).

fort in her room
What's to eat. He's strong enough to open the doors and now like to play in the refrigerator.
Kicking back watching a little TV
Pony rinding, bare back:)
Burton loves to clear the book shelf, oh wait read all the books.
Watching a movie on the computer in her room.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Sesame Place

Watchn' a show

Having lunch in our cabana

Waiting for the show to start
Our character meet and greet, they ate Burton up ( a cute boy in a wheelchair) he's our golden ticket

Hollin loved going into the stores and finding Big Bird
Having dinner with the characters

Getting ready for the water park part